DC3/C47 1600 mm control wires connection

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I recently received the C-47 model from a friend. I am using Spektrum DX6 and a six channel receiver. I am not sure where to connect the lights. if I connect them with the flaps, the lights are on but the flaps servos start acting erratically. if I connect the lights with the retracts, the lights work but the retracts don't. what do I need to do? (the model comes with an external BEC


  • HobbyKing_SupportHobbyKing_Support HobbyKing Support Posts: 544 ✭✭✭

    Try putting the LEDs on the bind/batt slot of the RX.

  • Jan Van MeerbeekJan Van Meerbeek Club Members Posts: 1

    I received my dc-3 airliner this week. It is not entirely clear to me how to connect the wires to my receiver. Wires nr 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 I know how to connect them.
    But with every wire nr 3 there is 1 wire with special coupling, what should they be connected to? An external bec is also included.

  • Mark FMark F Club Members Posts: 3

    I also have the C47 but I do not understand the wiring set up there are two number 6 harnesses one I presume is for the lights 6 should be flaps and 1 ailerons. I am left with 5 and 3 and the battery cable with the BEC can anyone please advice how these are connect properly please.

  • HobbyKing_SupportHobbyKing_Support HobbyKing Support Posts: 544 ✭✭✭

    Ch 5 is typically for gear. The BEC can go into any spare channel. Any leads with only black and red wires are for LEDs and can either be plugged into spare channels or into existing channels with a Y lead.

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