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Nano n32+ help me pls to connect

Hi all, I'm building a robocat, I have a problem with a link between my nano N32 + and the distribution board, the flycat v2.
In particular I have to connect the 4 cables (5v, Beep, Bat, Gnd) of the CF to the pins (CN, +, -) of the PDB robocat that has got both 12v and 5v pins.
Yours video put me in confusion and I did not understand where they should be connected.
5v-------> in 5v bec ?in negative or positive?
Beep----> in 5v pin?in the positive pin ?
Bat-------> in 5v or 12v bec?in neg.or pos.?
Gnd----> in 12v pin? In negative pin?

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