Arris XSpeed 280 V2/Spektrum rx

Dan CalderonDan Calderon Club Members Posts: 4

Hey all! I'm fairly new to FPV drones and I'm having an issue with an Arris X-Speed 280 V2 I purchased. It comes with a Flycolor Raptor 390 30a tower. I also have a Spektrum DXe transmitter and Spektrum SPM4648 reciever and an AR620 reciever. First, I had the AR620 reciever plugged in with the SBUS connector that was already connected to the FC. (I know Spektrum and FrSky are different) Got the rx to power up and bind to the radio. No input on Betaflight when moving the sticks. I went through all the proper configuration settings, the ports and mapping settings. (And yes, properly flashed the firmware beforehand) Next, ditched the AR620 and SBUS plug and got the SPM4648 telemetry rx. Plugged it into the Spektrum rx port on the board itself, set the ports to uart3 like the FC paperwork said to do in Betaflight, AND..... I get no power to my rx. Paperwork shows that particular plug is for Spektrum receivers and supplies 3.3v, which is what that rx calls for along with the ground and signal wire.

Can anybody shed some light on this? Or do I TRY to sell the DXe tx/rx and get a Taranis system?

I've had this drone since Xmas and have yet to get it off the bench. Thanks in advance!!


  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,612 ✭✭✭

    Get a Taranis and you will never look back. It's a no-brainer. Even more so when your flying machine ownership grows exponentially!!!

  • Dan CalderonDan Calderon Club Members Posts: 4

    That's about where my thoughts were... Anybody want to buy a Spetrum tx/rx setup?! Lol!

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