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ASP Engine Availability and Hobbyking?

TurbobeaverTurbobeaver Club Members Posts: 166 ✭✭

Hi Toby.Congrats on your new posting as CEO.Thought I'd drop you a line to get some straight talk on what the heck is going on with the ASP engine line and its lack of availabity here at Hobbyking and also from other vendors.I have heard that the mother company Sanye is under going a complete over haul and major upgrade to their manufacturing facilities and have plans to be back in full production by early 2019.Hopefully Toby you can either confirm or deny this fact and bring all of us loyal ASP engine fans up to speed and what Hobbykings plans are for dealing with the ASP engine availability issue.There are still a lot of us glow engine fliers out here in the real R/C world and we have always been here since time and memorial while other R/C fads have come and gone.Not having these ASP engines available at Hobbyking anymore has been a big detriment to the glow flying community at large.I sure hope Hobbyking hasn't abandoned us glow flyers out here and has plans to bring back and restock the ASP engine line if at all possible.Electrics are clean and convenient but nothing beats the pure exhilaration and smell of a I.C engine,especially old school glow.Hope you can give us "glow heads" some good news Toby.Thanks for your time.Cheers!


  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,423 ✭✭✭

    No longer in production.

  • HobbyKing_CEOHobbyKing_CEO Club Members Posts: 128 admin

    Cheers @Turbobeaver . The information that we have is that ASP will no longer be produced. I understand that nitro is still the preferred method of propulsion by many modellers (including me) but there doesn't appear to be enough demand for the factory to tool their production line to make a production run of these motors.

    That being said, it's not uncommon for situations like this to change, especially when a factory hears an outpouring of support for a particular product. Let's hope they've been listening.

    As to supporting glow flying modellers, I am your kin! Our Sourcing team is currently working to find other suppliers that can provide motors at reasonable prices. Let's hope they find some.

    All the best :)

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