Forming Community RC Car fun club, thoughts?

James CampbellJames Campbell Club Members Posts: 2

Hi All, I'm a new user with a mission in mind and am hoping for some advice.

We have a local men's shed with lots of older members (50 to 90) and I want to start a bit of friendly competition using a simple RC Car set up that we can all buy, mod in our men's shed and then compete together every 2 months or so on some friendly challenges with a bbq and beer.

(FYI, A men's shed is a community space filled with woodworking and metalworking machinery that we can all use for personal projects and helping other community members with projects or home repairs. Lots of cool machinery available, including CNC, 3D printers, lathes, welders, table saws etc, so we can achieve quite a bit with the mods we might want to try.)

The brief as I see it is that we all buy the same car, apply rules along the lines of all using the original motor, battery, ESC etc. But you can modify any other parts in the shed as much as you like to complete the challenges. You are only allowed to buy different wheels from a shop, everything else must be made by hand.

Meet every month for different challenges such as;

Drag race
Hill climb
Tractor tow
Steep incline crawl
Long Jump

I think I need a car that fits the following criteria;
Not cost prohibitive, approx $250 AUD all in;
Easy to get replacement motors and batteries at same spec as the original.
Ability to get the same model later on if new members want to join in.
Easy to modify.
Solid build.

It does not need to be the following;
Good looking
Brand name

My Questions;

What car would you suggest?

Any ideas for other challenges?

Any modifications to my rules?

The closest I have seen to what I think would work is the following;


  • HobbyKing_CEOHobbyKing_CEO Club Members Posts: 128 admin

    I love this idea - please PM me with more details. Alternatively, I'm in Mosman Park so we can grab a coffee to discuss.

  • James CampbellJames Campbell Club Members Posts: 2

    That's great and quite convenient as our men's shed is in Mosman Park! Thanks Toby, PM on its way.

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