Replacement muffler mounting centers

Garry4Garry4 Club Members Posts: 1

I have an INC 46 motor purchased from HK a few years ago. Great motor with lots of power.I am looking for a low profile muffler or a pits muffler with 37 mm mounting centers. A lot of the products listed do not have the centers spec'ed. Anybody have any suggestions. Thanks.


  • TurbobeaverTurbobeaver Club Members Posts: 166 ✭✭

    Any Pitts type muffler that will fit a O.S, or Thunder Tiger .46 will also fit your engine. Muffler bolt spacing is the same on both.There are quite a few brands of engines in the .46 range that share this same bolt spacing such as Royal,Leo,Mecoa,Skyward just to name a few.Many of these brands were earlier offerings in the RC market place but the INC version is essentially the same engine with a different brand sticker on it.Most commonly known to most as the Leo .46.Check out Bisson Custom Muffler and Slimline Mufflers.They have what your looking for.

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