Bixler kit what parts?

louis womblelouis womble Club Members Posts: 1

My wife bought me the Bixler3 kit instead of the PNP and I need to rig it. I am a bit of a hobbiest and have built some Rcs so Im nervious about ordering the wrong parts, because the plane did not come with a manual, and I would like to finish it. the box recomends 9 gm servos and a 20 amp ESC. now I would like to use my existing Radio gear and I would like to have flaps so what #6 servos and 20 amp ESc would you recomend?


  • Ales PleskotAles Pleskot Club Members Posts: 2

    I bought Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 2830 motor, Turnigy Plush 30 A ESC and HK15178 servos. Haven't put it together yet, hope the servos will fit. I had some troubles to fit the motor because of the wires, I had to make some space for them. And you will also need some servo lead extension for the servos in wings.

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