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Martine SchonckertMartine Schonckert Club Members Posts: 2

I have bought an Arctic Cat, but there is no building intructions included.
So far no problem, it's easy to build, but I have no idea where the center of gravity should be.
Can someone help me?

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  • Martine SchonckertMartine Schonckert Club Members Posts: 2

    thanks for your precise answer

  • Robert CollinsRobert Collins Club Members Posts: 1

    I'm building an Arctic Cat and I am currently at step 29 assembling the vertical tail, which says "install hinge into hole on wing using foam glue". The parts list says there are 4 hinges, but I don't see anything that looks like hinges. Am I missing something ?

  • tagora 35tagora 35 france dept 35Club Members Posts: 118 ✭✭
    edited March 4

    il ne sont pas fournie c'est a vous de les faire avec uhu port ou scotch blenderm

    no there is none provided it's up to you to do them it is possible with glue uhu port or blenderm tape

    google translate

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