What the heck is this?

Hartmut WagenerHartmut Wagener Club Members Posts: 25

I am planning to order some filaments from the europe warehouse, so i check this warehouse, choose PLA as material and 1,75mm as size.

And then i get a liost of filaments, but all filaments are inside the global warehouse?

People, please learn how to create a warehouse and a warehouse software. This is something that brings me to cancel hobbyking as a place to order something.
Show me how to order filaments that are sold via europe warehouse...




  • HelperHelper Club Members Posts: 438 admin

    @Hartmut Wagner There are a couple of things you need to check to ensure you are getting products only from the EU warehouse. I assume you are in Germany. Ensure that the country is Germany and you only select EU under the warehouse. (similar to how you select PLA and 1.75mm and press the apply button)

    When you select a product ensure that EU is highlighted in the "shipped from" section.

  • Hartmut WagenerHartmut Wagener Club Members Posts: 25
    edited December 2018

    First, i set the search for filament size and material, and tell the system to only search for Euope warehouse

    Then i use the cart-button located there and i get the product added from the global warehouse

    This is not the way it should be. Why do i need to open the product, change to EU-warehouse and put it after this into cart? Would be nice if the cart button ask for the warehouse when clicked.
    Will order my filaments now as described...

    PS: There is a problem: I have used the settings for the search as shown in the images, and the product i have marked with the red arrow from the right is a product only available in the Global warehouse, although the arrow "EU" is set on the left side. It should not show up in this search.

  • HelperHelper Club Members Posts: 438 admin

    @Hartmut Wagener. Now I see the issue. Although it is out of stock in the EU HobbyKing is trying to find another warehouse that you could buy it from. It appears that it is not indicating this on the list page but only shows it on the product page or the cart page. I will look into seeing if this can be changed.

  • Mikel DeimanMikel Deiman Club Members Posts: 2

    issue still hasnt been solved

  • HelperHelper Club Members Posts: 438 admin

    @ Mikel Deiman. Unfortunately, the issue is a bit more complex due to how the search is done and doesn't have a fix at the present time.

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