Quadcopter Build questions

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Hi folks!

I'm intending to build a drone for various purpose, I always to build one.
For example I might mount a Logitech C920 that I have and try to do some video analysis to reconstruct the environment in 3D.
I'd like to try autonomous navigation in interior situation.
Since I'm probably going to do some of the stuff in "non-legit" ways I'd like it to be quite big and powerful so I can mount random thing like a grappling under it. I don't care much about speed or how maneuverable it is, I will focus more on stability and battery life time.

So my plan is to use a Raspberry Pi as a controller with a simple wifi adapter for communication and video processing (might offload some tasks to an external server) and an Arduino to control the physical devices.

Here's my current component list, I'm honestly quite lost.
Will they work well together?
Are the motors/batteries/propellers/power distribution suitable for my needs?
Will I be able to control the 4 in 1 ESC with my Arduino?
Is gyroscope + accelerometer enough or do I need another kind of sensor?

Super-H600 Frame
200g Vibration damping balls
Matek FCHUB-6S PDB w/Current Sensor 184A, BEC 5V & 10V, 3-6S Lipo
Turnigy Bolt 3450mAh 4S 15.2V 65~130C High Voltage Lipoly Pack w/XT60
Turnigy Reaktor 300W 20A 6S Balance Charger now with NiZN and LiHV
Quanum MT Series 4108 475KV Brushless Multirotor Motor Built by DYS
GWS Style Slowfly Propeller 12x3.8 Black CW
GWS Style Slowfly Propeller 12x3.8 Black CCW
Kingduino MPU6050 3-Axis Gyroscope 3-Axis Accelerometer

If you could help answer my questions or have any tips or warnings I'd be really grateful.


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