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Tired old SkyMule gets a new life..

ramp4geramp4ge Club Members Posts: 4
edited December 2018 in My Models

As JetMule!

Nacelles are 3D printed. Fans are LX 6-blade 70mm. Motors are 2100kv. ESCs are the stock 30s. Battery is a 4s 4000MAh pack.

Flies great! Plenty of power, cruises around at half to 2/3rds throttle, makes a great 'woosh' on full-throttle passes.

Needs flaps. Without the big draggy props acting as air brakes she comes in a little bit hot.

Get about 6 minutes. Each fan pulls +-18 amps and produces +-260 watts.

To do:

1) Fix a warp in the trailing edge of the wing center section that has her hilariously out of trim
2) Add those flaps
3) Strip the decals off of the outer wing panels and paint to match. Or just use the old tired original outer panels. One or the other.


  • HasbeenHasbeen Club Members Posts: 8

    ![]Tired old Dynam I Can Fly from Hobby king fuse was about to be stripped & binned when a friend crashed my Hobby King Catalina. The fuse being Styrofoam was a write off, but the wings & motors OK. Tried a fool marriage of the 2, & with a little fooling around, have one of the best flying twin engine planes I've ever flown.

    Now the big decision, do I pretty it up, or just fly it as it is. Incidentally it's called the bitsa.
    ( "")

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