Turnigy 8s battery capacity meter

Mario GuerreraMario Guerrera Club Members Posts: 2

Discharging 3s battery for 1st time.Discharge is flashing but remaining capacity not going down. Am I doing something wrong?
How do I know if discharging and how long should it take.


  • Mario GuerreraMario Guerrera Club Members Posts: 2

    Figured it out. Discharging but it takes forever! There has to be a better way.

  • JanComputermanJanComputerman Rhode IslandClub Members Posts: 173

    Most chargers can also discharge a battery at various amp rates. Some even can put the discharged energy back into the power supply if it is a battery like the Reaktor chargers. The 8 cell meter you are using probably discharges at less than 0.5 amps so a several amp hour battery will take hours to discharge.

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