SJ4000 - Mounting without the waterresistant cage

Hartmut WagenerHartmut Wagener Club Members Posts: 25

i have just bought the camera, it is a very nice product for the price i have ordered it, and it fits completely the things i need.

But: There is much, much hardware added to this camera, one is the housing that is water resistant and can be used under water. Really a big thing, but all other hardware is used to connect to this housing. And this housing, it spoils the camera view by just adding bad things in all four edges of the recorded video.
Is there a way to use the camera without this caging, using the hardware provided to mount on selfie-sticks and so on?

Thanks for your help.


  • Hartmut WagenerHartmut Wagener Club Members Posts: 25

    I have found the solution. There is a big black thing that has a clip added to it to mount this on your waistbelt or attach it with the provided tie. It is possible to detach the clip, this thing can be fastened to a tripod with a screw. But unfortunately, the drilling of the screw hole is not deep enough for some tripods, a provided knurled nut is too thick, you will need one or more washer to get this fixed.

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