what am i doing wrong? Brushed esc 12v (4s)

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Hi all,
I found a ride on car abandoned, in my street. I took it home, the 12v SLA battery is fine but the horrible relay is burnt out. It has two speeds, 2: is just full on and 1: which routes power through a massive resistor that gets seriously hot.

I want to replace all that with a micro controller and logic level switches then deliver the power smoothly using PWM through an ESC. I can do all the microcontroller stuff but i can't find an esc!

I've bought this one

but now that it's arrived i see it is for 2-3s only. I have either 12v SLA or some chunky 4S's. And i think running it on 3s would be too slow.

I've done this before with a lighter vehicle and just used a relay, but this has some weight to it, and I'm pretty sure it will just strip the gears in no time (plus i'd like to add coasting and breaking)

any advice is appreciated.
Just to confirm, I don't want to change the motors, and they are 12v Brushed.



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