How can I connect a second MSC and motor to AUX output with Orange TSIX to achieve motor balancing?

Warren SouthwellWarren Southwell Club Members Posts: 1

I have a multi engine aircraft and I have a balance problem between the thrust on each side and am trying to solve the problem by running each motor at a different speed. I have connected the second ESC to the AUX output and mixed the Throttle into FLAPS in the Transmitter. I tested with a servo first to prove the mix worked, and it did. Both ESC and motors work if connected to the Throttle output, but if connected one to Throttle and the other to the AUX output I get a rapid beeping sound from the one connected toAUX (this may be telling me the stick is not zeroed?) I then checked the MONITOR function and noticed the AUX pointer was at the opposite end of the scale and moved opposite to the Throttle pointer. So I used the REVERSE function to reverse AUX. Now its the same in the MONITOR but it has put the ESC into "program" mode.
Is what I'm trying to do possible? As far as the receiver is concerned, is a servo and an ESC the same? When I mix Throttle into flaps, why does the MONITOR indicate in reverse.
Hopefully someone has tried this before.

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