Questions about Turnigy (Tronxy) X5S

Hartmut WagenerHartmut Wagener Club Members Posts: 25

i received this nice printer on monday and started to buid it in the monday evening. I am almost ready now, was not a big job, it was not my first 3D-printer.
There is one M4-screw missing, but it is possible that i used it instead of a shorter one on the rubber boots, i have to check this tomorow. need to cable the thing tomorow, too.
But i have one question: For the heat bed there is a print board made out of something like epoxy and a self adhesive big symbol saying that the surface is hot. Is the symbol something that can be printed on and should be glued to the print bed , or is it a part that should be glued to the aluminium heatbed?

Thanks a lot


  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,620 ✭✭✭
  • Hartmut WagenerHartmut Wagener Club Members Posts: 25

    OK, thanks for the answer, my printer has made his first print, looks good, but not perfect. Have to tweak the leveling, one belt was not fastened enough.

  • Gary SorensenGary Sorensen Club Members Posts: 2

    Yes you can print on it. I have used a plastic scraper to get the par off it comes clean

  • Hartmut WagenerHartmut Wagener Club Members Posts: 25

    Having printed a lot, i don't use the black printing plastic, i use pertinax in most cases, bluetape and glass to print on, depending on the things i want to print. The glas is used all time to get the aluminium bed straight...

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