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Jason PhelanJason Phelan Club Members Posts: 60

Katy, you're chargers. Is it safe to assume we can direct lipo questions to you?

So I just received my flash new turnigy shorty packs. SKU 9472000031-0

On the end of them is a piece of masking tape with a number hand
written. One pair - 19. The other pair maybe 29. One if the 19s fell off.

Does this mean that each "shorty" is matched to the other? I'm assuming that this is a quality control thing, but you know what they say about assuming. Thought I'd double check. In fact I'm 90% convinced these are just turnigy "shorty" packs marketed slightly differently.

Many thanks in advance.


  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,605 ✭✭✭

    Never seen that on any battery before. I would stick them on a meter and test IR etc. on them.

    If QC is being done with masking tape these days, things truly have slipped!

    Makes them look second hand! Yuk!

  • Jason PhelanJason Phelan Club Members Posts: 60

    Weird hey! The uglyness makes me think it's some sort of internal impromptu check.

    How good is your terminology @WTWUK?

    I was a bit surprised to find " shortly" packs! A happy kind of surprised.

    I always thought the difference between a shorty and a saddle pack was that a saddle pack was a single cell and a shorty was whatever the specified rating was?

    I brought these as an idea for an all on one pack. -1s- 2s 4s. I'm already only using turnigy heavy duty 4A 3s so I've got 6,9&12s covered if I ever want to do anything outrageous.

    So if these are matched pairs it doesn't really change anything, but I'll just have to mark them and keep track of them.

    But we really need to know, its pretty important if they are.

  • Jason PhelanJason Phelan Club Members Posts: 60

    I put em over a multimeter. Not equiped for IR

  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,605 ✭✭✭

    Yeah saddles are 1S cells that wire in series to 2S.

    Shorties are, I suppose, the same thing in essence, but with higher cell counts. Plus being short, they give car racers weight distribution options?

  • Jason PhelanJason Phelan Club Members Posts: 60

    I'm not a racer by any means. I read that it's all about weight distribution. Been to a track a few times with mates. It's cool. But alot of my RC modeling is done in "harsh environments'. The Aussie Outback - you may have heard of our work (😎). That's where I'm coming at these style of battery.
    From my point of view a few grams of hard case is well offset by the longevity afforded by sealed packs. I have a normal light weight 3s pack (shrink wrap) that was involved in an aero fender bender. Pack was jossled but not damaged. But now there's a small gap where the wires enter the pack and when I use it in a car I've got to remember to check its sealed. It's gets all sticky and yuk because sometimes I forget shrink-wrap and use electrical tape. Attracts more crap..
    Should be good in quads on beaches, dust etc. Ditto helis and planes. I FPV all the above to varieing degrees of competency.. Just have to buy kitorm machines and build em around 2&4s packs. The rub.

  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,605 ✭✭✭

    These days I am restricted to a few multirotors for slumming it, but mainly collective helis up to 600 class, which all tend to be hard on batteries - particularly when gravity wins and that tends to win big time with helis hahaha! More than once have I collected up bent and battered wrecks where the LiPo has been resculpted to odd shapes!

    My days of fixed wing are sadly gone, as the flying site I used is closed off. Phhht!

  • Jason PhelanJason Phelan Club Members Posts: 60

    Multies are great for slumming it. I'm slumming it too. And on 12V at present. No AC wall socket. Though I do have an inverter and pv panels.
    I'm all crashed out ATM. That s why I'm down to cars.. They are a reliable waste of time if nothing else...
    I'm going to build a HK branded T-Rex 500 around 4s and with a flight controller, prolly a F3 with GPS as a FPV dedicated machine. I might as well document it and post it here. It's going to be my early Xmas present to myself. I do mostly FPV or scale stlyle flying. Nothing even remotely acrobatic or 3d so can sacrifice a bit of manoeuvrability for longevity. My kick is flying FPV. The machine is irrelevant.
    Also Aussie has some strangely good RC laws now. Designed by the Civil Aviation Authority not by Mrs 'Won't some one think of the kids' Lovejoy..
    You have any videos / photos of your chopper?

  • Jason PhelanJason Phelan Club Members Posts: 60

    Figured out the making tape.
    Inventory. I have done a couple of days bashing monitoring these batteries closely.
    I decided that the tape was just an anomaly.
    Picking off a bit of ugly tape is a pretty good deal for $50 off
    So I went to order two more pair.
    Stock zero in the Aussie Warehouse..

  • David WareingDavid Wareing Club Members Posts: 1

    Hi sorry to butt can someone please help me on this matter I am new to lipo batteries just ordered and receive a zippy battery 1500mha at 20c hi discharge I'm trying to find out what the safe number is to discharge this battery for storage in volts and what should I do for charging it up. putting it on a normal charge or a control charge can someone please help me on this I know it sounds dumb and thick but I don't really want to burn my house down

  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,605 ✭✭✭

    What charger do you have?

    LiPo cells should be stored at 3.85V per cell.

    I always balance charge my packs at 1C charge rate.

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