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ipeiferipeifer Club Members Posts: 3

I love the Durafly Products,
however that fact that replacement parts are only available for a short time after the product is introduced (example a year or 2) after that when the product is discontinued any damaged plane is with out replacement parts. So although I like and feel the products are great I will not be buying any planes of the Durafly make. There are products out there from your competitors that have been in production for years and replacement parts are always available. (Example: Dynam planes, Freewing Planes, Flightline, FMS......). you guys need to think about this kind of support for your customers. Besides when the product sells quickly after being introduced should give you an indication that the Public likes the product and that it should be continued for years to come.
support and replacement parts for these great Models. I hope this helps to clarify how the Customers need and want replacement parts availability



  • warbirdnubewarbirdnube Club Members Posts: 6

    yes I agree with last comment!

  • Jason PhelanJason Phelan Club Members Posts: 60

    I agree that spares are an issue. But we as modelers and adults have got to take part of the blame. Take Dynam. Their ME-110 has been around for nearly a decade. Where as many Durafly models are a bit unusual and often arnt marketed for long. Case in point ME 163. Is the Me163 a historically interesting airframe worth of a scale model. Of course! But unlike a spitfire or 109 I have no intention of buying one. Ever.

    Dynam. A stable fleet of somewhat interesting aircraft with reliable spares.
    Durafly. A dynamic fleet of interesting and esoteric aircraft with somewhat unreliable spares for some of their models.

    There is room for both.

  • Nicholas GianfortuneNicholas Gianfortune Club Members Posts: 1

    100% agree! Hobbyking has really lost customers because of this. I'm another one to be added to this list. I won't buy Durafly planes any more because parts are not consistently available. There are plenty of other companies making great planes and parts. Durafly used to. They no longer do and I've moved on...

  • richard millsrichard mills Club Members Posts: 8

    i Like the idea of buying a durafly Brewster but I’m put off buying it because there’s no replacement cowling. I think Hobbyking should only sell serviceable planes, it’s madness to buy a new fuselage for a damaged cowl

  • joseph shembergerjoseph shemberger Club Members Posts: 2

    is the p40n curtiss warhawk 1100 mm plane discontinued or can I still get one?

  • Michael ScottMichael Scott Club Members Posts: 12

    Am not happy either I have the Durafly Tundra and would like to replace the back half of my Vertical stabilizer but seems as though they want you to buy the whole fuselage to replace one part. Really irritating because this is one of my favorite planes to fly

  • Hans.Glatthorn@online.de[email protected] Club Members Posts: 1

    Durafly ™ SkyMule 1500mm - 10x8 Propeller Set (L / R) is not available. I own this airplane now 2 year. In europe spareparts must be available for 10 years!!! after purchase.....

  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,584 ✭✭✭

    You didn't purchase it in Europe, and therefore your 10 years comment is irrelevant. In addition, there is no binding EU spare parts availability timeframe for toys.

  • Rene CesakRene Cesak Club Members Posts: 1

    You could make a plane Skyvan SC7?

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