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Powering a Circuit board with a battery and voltage regulator

Rachael MadyRachael Mady Club Members Posts: 1

Hello, I am new to the world of circuit boards but am trying to create an RFID system using a battery, voltage regulator, circuit board, and antenna.
The antenna and circuit board come as is, so there is no altering them.
The circuit board requires an input of 5V and I want it to last remotely for 4-5 days. Using a 5V regulator that I got off of ******* and 14.4 V 3Ah NiCd battery pack I can make the board run for 2 days.

I want to improve on that but I don't know what I'm doing! So I am thinking of purchasing a 12V 9Ah battery and then purchasing some hobbyking voltage regulators and saw these two options:

Any guidance or help with this issue would be greatly appreciated!


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