cannot get mu Durafly ME109 to ooerate correctly using Turnigy 9X and rec Ia8

peter bentleypeter bentley Club Members Posts: 14

A very easy build ,but before joined wing to the body I found very bad soldering of the servo wires out of the block connector.
I tested all the servos with my servo tester and found the ailerons did not work,Checked further and found a broken earth wire.
Fixed this and rechecked with servo tester,all working, fitted wing to body and rechecked again, all working.Connected servo wires to rec Ia8,bind the transmitter and now its all over the place.what the correct order of servo wires to the rec Ia8 how should the transmitter be set,even following the manual
very closely does not work,the motor even starts on its own. with no input from me.
Peter Bentley.


  • ReeferReefer Club Members Posts: 33

    You've got the channels in the wrong order, the wire from the esc can go to any channel, most have it on 3 or 1,
    you need to set your Rx correctly! maybe you should have bought a RTF?

  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,608 ✭✭✭

    Rubbish! The 'wire' from the ESC needs to go to the correct channel - not 'any channel'.

    'Maybe you should have bought a RTF?"

    Really helpful! Maybe you should not be sarcastic?

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