wing plan and limited explanation of this kit piper j3 cub 1/6th scale

brian castletonbrian castleton Club Members Posts: 2

Hello, purchased about a week ago the 1/6th scale piper j3 cub kit and was somewhat disappointed with the level of instructions particularly with respect to a wing plan. Simply there isn't one which I find quite amazing. Over this past week or so I've been scouring the net to try to find a plan that relates to this kit alas without success. For reference this is the 1800 mm wing. Whilst I'm reasonably experienced in building, I'm not looking forward to breaking out loads of ribs and various pieces and setting up spars and so on without some kind of plan. If I'd have known there was no plan with this kit I think I would have passed it by.
Really a bit unhappy with this outcome and I would appreciate some kind of answers as to what do. Regards Brian Castleton PS pretty new to this forum method. is there an email address I can write to, subject to you not being able to help

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