Turnigy i6s firmware update issue.

Silver tyroSilver tyro Club Members Posts: 19

Hi everyone, this is an insight into my attempt at updating the firmware on my TGY i6s.
Initially, I could not get my i6s to connect to my pc. It was much later that I checked the pc’s Device Manager that I found out that although it “saw” my wireless mouse as an HID (Human Interface Device) the i6s was not shown. Later I obtained a cheap”Broken” i6s which had defective Firmware, I succeeded in reflashing the original firmware and the;pen upgrading it to the FS Firmware. I could do this as this one was recognised in the Device Managaer as an HID. This was when I decided to open up my original i6s and have a look to see if I could see what was wrong. I found that the connector from the micro USB port was not pushed securely into place, once this was done I was able to upgrade the firmware to the FlySky v2 firmware.
The upgrade is a good one and provides more functionality to the transmitter whilst retaining the effective simplicity of the original.


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