Quanum Cyclops Diversity Goggels - issue with AV image

Krzysztof PradonKrzysztof Pradon Club Members Posts: 1

Does anyone have a problem with AV using these goggles? I am using it for flying my quad and they work very good. But I wanted to try something else and catch the image from my laptop via RCA plug supplied with goggles (and HDMI adapter to be clear), and it didn't work. It seems something is wrong but I don't know exactly what. Maybe its the fault of the adapter, but when I plugged the goggles to my blue Ray player via RCA it should give me perfect image/video, but I get nothing. Does anyone have a similar problem?



  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,612 ✭✭✭

    Known issue. Awaiting update.

  • Miller IngramMiller Ingram Club Members Posts: 1

    Its 10/2018 and still, where is an update or updates?

  • Robert ForrestRobert Forrest Club Members Posts: 1

    I have a cyclops diversity, bought about a year ago from you, they have been great until today when they would not scan to any of my models. I have tried all ways to scan and sometimes i could get a picture for a second and then goes off. Just now i could get nothing. Hope this can be sorted someway as i enjoy flying my drones and driving my buggy with them, thanks, Doug

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