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no chance ??

after more than 10 years without any problem on my orders .......

here it happened and this is the first time I order in UK usually it is EU or CHINA

I miss 1 servo (4 ordered and 3 received) but in addition one of the 3 has just moved for centering and did not work after and became very hot

I hope that HK will do its customer service work otherwise:

already it's complicated with the website but if it does anything I would order somewhere else


  • tagora 35tagora 35 france dept 35Club Members Posts: 115 ✭✭

    Your RMA request has been authorized. Please see the details below.

    You can check the status of your return by logging into your account or using your order number. If you have any questions about your return please contact us at CUSTOMER SUPPORT CENTRE (Sign in first).

    Your Order #101504829
    Your Return #100040859
    Product Name: SKU Resolution Requested Qty Qty Claim Status
    Corona DS-928BB Digital Servo 2.2kg / 0.13sec / 9g DS-928BB 1 1 Authorized
    Thank you very much for your patience and support!

    ** This is an auto-email, please do not reply.

    I'm not sure I understand ??
    I am french and use google translate
    hk ask me to return the defective part ??

    it will cost me dear for a faulty servo and that will not replace the missing one

    did I understand well ??
    as it's the first time this happens i'm not sure
    Thanks for your help


    google translate

  • tagora 35tagora 35 france dept 35Club Members Posts: 115 ✭✭
    edited September 2018

    finally he paid me back but only one servo: '(

    as I need it, so I reorder command of 2 servos

    I'm losing anyway because there are postage costs to add :'( :/

    hk is doing well unfortunately for me

    google translate

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