MultiStar V-Spec 2205 - 2350KV 420w Multi-Rotor Motor (CW and CCW) semi DIY Prop Mounts / Adapters

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For a long time, users were unhappy that hobbyking (nor anyone else really) doesn't offer replacement prop mounts for these motors:

I also had a broken one, and coulndn't find anything that fits by searching. So I had ordered these [] just because the only thing I could lose was 99 cents.

And boy I was lucky, so here is my experience:

With a bit of a modification, these prop adapters fit perfectly (tested rigorously in flight - perfectly stable)

The center hole on adapters needs to be widened/expanded (I was using Dremel - it can be wider than the motors shaft so precision doesn't really matter, you just need to widen it wider and deep enough and don't worry to weaken them too much, there is a lot of aluminium overhead), and also other 4 holes need just a tiny bit of expanding (also using Dremel). All of this can also be done with a plain drill. If anyone needs pictures, I will post them.

For a 0.99$ and 10 minutes of work (per prop adapter though) I can't really complain.

Flying with Spedix 250, 4S LiPo 1300 90C, 35A 4in1 BlheliS, Omnibus F4 Betaflight 3.5, 4-blade 5040 Dalprop props.

For some reason I couldn't post this in "Community discussions" part [something went wrong when "creating new post":"The user does not have permission to post in this thread"] (nor in review part - because I bought these motors over a friend, but I did post a review in prop mounts product page), so I'm posting it here, hope it helps.

if someone has right to post, please copy my post to community discussion / review to both of these motors (because CW and CCW are sold as separate products) so everyone can see it:

again, these prop mounts:

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