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Does the new Turngy 9X V2 AFHDS Radio have fail Safe?

manab4532manab4532 Calcutta, INDIAClub Members Posts: 12

I just bought this radio and while trying to set up the Failsafe, found to my dismay that the Failsafe feature is not working in this system!
I have followed the procedure correctly and the Failsafe screen is showing the different values that I have set up but when I turn off the transmitter, the servos are not moving to the Failsafe positions.
What is the problem here?
Have I done something wrong or have I bought a radio without a Failsafe?

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  • manab4532manab4532 Calcutta, INDIAClub Members Posts: 12

    Thank for the heads-up. Will put these items in my wishlist. Was also thinking of designing a Failsafe for the unit based on light detector(Power LED of the receiver) and a microcontroller to bypass the receiver's servo signals and feed the servos with a set of alternate failsafe signals. Very much possible but will take some work.

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