PETG settings for I3 MK3 Prusa printer

Eyal CohenEyal Cohen Club Members Posts: 1

I have PETG that I bought from hobby king:

By any chance you have settings for slic3r? The temperatures are much different than other PETG which is strange.

Will be very helpful if you can have settings for your filaments that can be used in slic3r.



  • Nick_HKNick_HK Club Members Posts: 89 ✭✭

    OK, I noticed this too and we have changed the temp settings on the web listing as the temps were way too low, we have spoken with our manufacturer and they have fixed the temps on the product labels as well so new stock should have the correct temps. The correct temps are:
    Printing Temperature: 240°C +/-10%
    Bed Temperature: 60-80°C

    I pretty much print everything with this PETG now and when you print on glass with Magigoo it prints faultlessly time and time again.

  • Martin PirringerMartin Pirringer Club Members Posts: 5

    I got a Matterhackers Pulse with an E3D V6 hotend (Prusa clone) I use a ;8 Nozzle and Here are the way I print it
    Temp 255
    Volumetric E
    Max Volumetric 11.5 mm3/s
    Bed 75
    Layer width 1.2 Nozzle width (.96)
    Layer height between .2 and .4 mm (allwasy <= 50% nozzle diameter)
    Fan off except for real small parts (Layer <30 sec then 60% fan)
    60 % fan for bridges ( cant go faster as I currently got a crappy fan duct that will cool the nozzle too fast otherwise and I can't change it if I don't want to void the warranty I was told.
    Extrusion multiplier 93 % of measured

    I like this PETG better than MH Build or ESUN its tougher and better suited for mechanical parts. There is some stringing at that temp but nothing a heat gun cant take care off and for us mechanical properties are king

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