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David ShieldsDavid Shields Club Members Posts: 1

I have an old Flair Fledgling I am looking to convert to electric (It's a slope soarer). My aim is to use the motor to get it up, then float it around for a bit, then boost it back up again, so it's low speed, general pottering about that I am looking for.

So far I have worked out the following:
I'd like to swing an 8 x 4 folding prop (no undercarriage)
Model weight approx 1.5Kg. prior to fitting engine and battery.
Power loading - 75W/lb should do the trick, which approximates to ~250W
Current - Max 30A should do.
Lipo: 250W / 30A = ~8.3V, so at 3.7V/cell, rounded up, gicves a 3 cell pack.
Probably aiming for 5000mAh, so a 3s 20C should do (20 x 5.0 = 100, so 20C should be fine

The part I am struggling with is the motor requirement - I believe I need a fairly low kV figure - it's a glider, not some screaming drone, so I am not looking at super high rpm, just lots of torque at lower rpm

Budget is always tight.

Does anyone have any suggestions for UK warehouse Hobbyking motors which would fit the bill ? And any favourite BEC Speed controllers too, I guess.


  • ChristChrist andenneClub Members Posts: 321

    hello David
    you search is almost done. Now just select the motor. but to help further, we need to know the space you have to fit all electonics. usually for such a plane the battery you expect to fit is way too heavy. motor will be 200g, battery around 600g, esc about 80g. so total wil almost double the weight of the aircraft and it will not sail anymore. battery should be enough for 4 to 5 climb, motor around 250W (to be delivered not entering the motor ESC) so more lik 350W a 2836 750kv to 1000kv should be OK also the prop should be as large as possible with a low pitch: so 10x3 or 10x4 fowlding prop
    Good luck

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