Blaze 1/10 For Spare Parts - CVD Drive Shaft Spring Steel 3/0PIN SKU: 9655000322-0

Pascal JamesPascal James Club Members Posts: 21
edited August 2018 in RC Cars

I buy 4 sets but unusable on the Blaze: the diameter of the axis is too big.
Impossible to place the wheel hexagon...


  • Pascal JamesPascal James Club Members Posts: 21

    Difference diameter : 1mm!

  • Pascal JamesPascal James Club Members Posts: 21

    Big mistake in references cardans sold for this model are not good. In the manufacturer's manual and the exploded view we see that this is not the reference sold by HobbyKing. The reference presented on the site is one of another model.
    Once again HK is mistaken in the references of spare parts. And make fun of his customers.
    Where to find the right parts?
    the manufacturer does not have a is a shame!

  • Dan KourafasDan Kourafas Club Members Posts: 15

    Does a different hex work?
    Have you found a solution?

  • Pascal JamesPascal James Club Members Posts: 21

    The solution is a column drill

  • Jym73Jym73 BretagneClub Members Posts: 153 ✭✭

    Parts support is a big problem with hobbyking. Most of the cars they sell are discontinued too fast and parts become hard to find. I have many cars from hobbyking and i don't advise to buy cars from hobbyking now. I have a RZ4, almost same RGT chassis than the Blaze and it is a on a shelf since months.

    You can try to find xray T3 complet cvd, they can be compatible as i used xray cvd on mine.

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