Calibration Issues with HobbyKing™ Brushless Car ESC 2S-4S 60A w/ Reverse

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(Product links for my setup are below)

This ESC uses a SET key that must be held down during the calibration process. Despite following the timing and procedure noted in the ESC manual, I can't get my motor to move. I am using an Arduino-powered joystick (the joystick acts as a very basic forward-reverse throttle). I should note that the Arduino-related parts have been coded properly in a very basic manner, and I've run many tests to rule out the possibility that the Arduino is at fault.

After some frustration with manual calibration attempts, I bought a HobbyKing Programming Card. I plugged it into the ESC before turning on the ESC, but the ESC still blinks red and beeps constantly (this happens even if I hold the SET key before and after powering on the ESC with the programming card attached). I've read and seen in tutorial videos that, with this programming card, the ESC should beep once and be instantly calibrated. So in my case, it seems like the Programming Card isn't working.

Is my ESC not working properly? I've verified with a multimeter that the ESC is being powered by a 7.4V LiPo with a fully charged reading of 8.2V, so it shouldn't be a battery-related issue. Any guidance and/or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Brushless Motor:


Programming Card:

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