Need help choosing my first brush less motor

Logan KrantzLogan Krantz Club Members Posts: 3

Hi all,

My name is Logan and I built a lot with Arduino and other internet-enabled micro controllers.
Up until this I generally use a 12V 180 Hellcat DC motor, but im pretty keen to move into using brushless motors.
One of the big issues I have been having is the motor simply overheating in some more ambitious projects.

So my question is, what is an equivalent Brushless motor? I have done a fair bit of my own research but I haven't been able to really compare.
I am flexible on sizing

The DC 180 Hellcat has the following specs and more details can be found here

– 12 volt operation Ideal for a 3s LiPo battery.
– 36,300 RPM.
– 740 of Torque
– 23.8 Amp stall current at 12 volts means a suitable high amperage battery is required.

I look forward to any help you guys can give me!


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