Lipo cell resistance

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Hi Folks,
Can someone state what is the threshold level of internal resistance where a new LiPo would be considered a warranty issue?

Many thanks



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    Depends on the cell capacity. Larger celks have lower IR than smaller ones.
    Post what you have here and you will get a decent reply.

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    I have checked the IR of each LiPo using my Turnigy 4 way charger with the following results: 1 pack 3600/4s with .001 .001 .001.005 Then 2x 3300/ 6s: .001 .001 .001.001 .580 .001 and .001 .001 .001 .001 .146 .001 I checked again this morning and using the same charger and port had all cells reading .001 At first try charging on the balance program both 6s had low cell voltage warning appear but after a few minutes rest began to charge ok. All a bit confusing.

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    The important thing is will they do the job. Run a static test (I use my edf as a leaf blower as a static test) use a laser thermometer to check the temp of each cell, stop the motor often to get more accurate readings. Keep your voltage tester (HobbyKing™ LIPO to USB Charging Adapter and Cell Checker (2S~6S) on at all times. if there is a big difference between the voltages of your cells its important if not, no worries. Imo lipos take from 5 to 10 discharge cycles to reveal their true quality. as for long term use its mostly pot luck. just test often as you obviously do. to be honest most of my lipos get accident damaged before long term cell differences become a worry. Hope this helps.
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