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Christian GodinChristian Godin Club Members Posts: 1
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Hi, I will power up my dream drones and cameras, fly them over amazing parts of the world and document them with beautiful pictures.


  • Rolf HedtRolf Hedt Club Members Posts: 1
    edited August 2018

    I would like to use the Turnigy Graphene 75C lipo packs in my Valenta Sharon 4.2E and in my Avios Grand Tundra. As they will give them the oomph, that only Turnigy packs can. :)

  • Matthew PopeMatthew Pope Club Members Posts: 1

    As a 13 year old with my Racing quads with only 2 batteries I would love to power up with a true 75c turnigy graphene.

  • Rodney Sau7ndersRodney Sau7nders Club Members Posts: 1

    I like to take rubber band airplanes and make 3ch and 4ch RC planes. I fined the new batteries idell for this. Thank you for Rodney Saunders.

  • HelperHelper Club Members Posts: 438 admin

    @Christian Godin @Rolf Hedt @ Matthew Pope @ Rodney Sa7nders
    Please don't use this page to enter the competition you do this through the slider/banner on the top of the homepage.

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