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HK dragging behind the times

Gary TolhopfGary Tolhopf Club Members Posts: 1

The quadcopter hobby has been racing ahead in leap and bounds over the last year or so but I notice Hobbyking is just staying with the same old crap they've always had and trying to sell it at top end prices. Everything from FPV systems, camera, esc's, flight controllers, frames, batteries have all evolved dramatically over the last 12 months.
Come on HK keep up with the times please. Do your research.
I would love to buy more of HK but they just don't have what I want anymore.


  • hotwirehotwire Club Members Posts: 13

    Here here!! We want to buy from you HK but your mini/micro quad stuff is yesterday.

  • Jason UJason U Club Members Posts: 3

    Where do you purchase the gud stuff? Don't be holding out on me!

  • Jason UJason U Club Members Posts: 3

    PS Hobby King get some good E vehicle gear! I want to build a custom ebike! I been checking the field out and 25km meh omg. I need a Nasty Power system 100 kph min with power to weight ratio of umm... Something like my 6s 2200kv 120amp monster mamba max system in 1:8 truggy. seriously is that 2much to ask?!?! Lol

  • Jason UJason U Club Members Posts: 3

    Pps Add Afterpay as an acceptable form of payment... Hahahahaha Hobby King I got luv for u from back in the day when it too 2 months to receive and express order lol remember when u just started out.. ? I definitely do after spending at least $4k and becoming platinum member with 3 orders.. wow these days I really need a discount bad.... So sad...

  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,427 ✭✭✭

    Yes. Very sad. :*

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