New Phoenix V2 759-2 2000m

Go With the FlowGo With the Flow Club Members Posts: 5

When is HK planning to bring the new Phoenix V2 759-2 2000m from Volantex into the UK warehouse please?


  • RobMillRobMill Club Members Posts: 5

    Yes to HK stocking the Phoenix 2000 V2 into the Aus Wharehouse, kit version as well.

  • Grant DevineGrant Devine Club Members Posts: 4

    fairdinkum, i asked in the live chat 2 weeks ago. I got a firm No we wont be supplying it. So I got 1 from BG. Awesome plane. first time in 6 years i bought a plane from someone else. Love HK but they said no.

  • Go With the FlowGo With the Flow Club Members Posts: 5

    I have now purchased the P2000 V2 from BG. It is a real improvement, I won't bother buying replacement wings for the original.
    HK is losing out, in my view, not stocking the V2. I wonder what their issue is?????

  • Grant DevineGrant Devine Club Members Posts: 4

    HK probably have to shift the first Phoenix.
    If you have a Phoenix fus, and no wing try this. Get a Radian Wing and make the plane 3 channel. It just floats around not interested in coming down. I also have the V2 from BG, note the wing fits my Ranger 1600.

  • Mike FordMike Ford Club Members Posts: 1

    Hello everyone, I have Phoenix 2000, a fantastic Glider, the only thing is that when I get to 3/4 throttle the motor gets to a stop start formate, pull the power back & the motor start to run properly again, this is my first electric glider so lm interested to know what the problem may be, 2200amh 3 cell battery is what powers the unit, thanking you for your help

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