New Green Bixler 1.1 is now available!

wldecker77wldecker77 Club Members Posts: 40

Just found it after looking for replacement props for my new version Bixler 2...$94.11 US. It's GREEN!!! Aerostar components...Try it out!


  • mpjf01mpjf01 Club Members Posts: 1,009 ✭✭

    Why is there a Bixler 3 and a Bixler 2 and a Bixler 1.1 here with the 1.1 apparently a newer model than the 3?. The 3 has a greater wingspan than the 1.1 and an undercarriage but I'm wondering what the intent is. The words suggest that the 3 is for beginners and the 1.1 goes up the scale to intermediate fliers. Are they essentially the same aircraft but for the wingspan and wheels or is there some fundamental other difference that might help me to decide which to buy?

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