Printing temperature for Hobby King branded 1.75mm PLA

John AlfredJohn Alfred Club Members Posts: 4

What Extruder temperature should I set my printer to, please?


  • Kevin FairgrieveKevin Fairgrieve Club Members Posts: 14

    I am using it in my Anet A8 and usually set it to between 195 and 210. Good results with 198.

  • John AlfredJohn Alfred Club Members Posts: 4

    Thanks Kevin, what's the lowest temperature you've tried?

  • John AlfredJohn Alfred Club Members Posts: 4

    Hi Nick,

    I bought 4 rolls of your Hobbyking branded Filament, and am having problems.

    I don't know yet what it is, but I want to make sure I'm setting up things right.

    What's the proper temperature for the PLA, please?


  • Nick_HKNick_HK Club Members Posts: 89 ✭✭

    With the HobbyKing brand PLA I usually print at around 210C, some printers print better at higher temps but I find 210 is usually good. The range for this filament is 210-235C.

  • John AlfredJohn Alfred Club Members Posts: 4

    Thanks Nick, I'll keep that in mind

  • Kevin FairgrieveKevin Fairgrieve Club Members Posts: 14

    A lot depends on the THING I am printing and what quality I want.
    Have been as low as 190.
    Also used as high as 210.

    So many factors to consider.

  • Stuart PhillipsStuart Phillips Club Members Posts: 6

    I like to print quite hot if I can (no bridges etc) so I normally print HK PLA on my i3 Mk3 with the following settings:
    Bed 60c
    First Layer 220c
    Everything else at 210c

    I get noticeable oozing from the nozzle at 220c. I haven't tried 235c as I have no reason to...Maybe I'll do a heat tower to see what differences I get from 190c to 240c.

    Layer adhesion and general strength seem good at 210c and I'm happy with the appearance of the finished prints.

    I still need to tweak my first layer settings to get a solid smooth first layer on the smooth PEI bed.

    Hope that helps a bit.

  • MHM RijnbeekMHM Rijnbeek Club Members Posts: 1

    I print with HobbyKing PLA. The first layer with 215c with heatbed at 60c and the other layers at 210c and heatbed at 55c. I did had trouble getting a good first layer, but it was not the fault of the filament but the calibration of the printer itself. I now print on a modified Tevo Tarantula (replace acrylic with aluminium and added an double y-carriage). In General I'm very pleased with the HobbyKing PLA filemant (not so happy with the low stock of it at the europe warehouse).

  • Martin PirringerMartin Pirringer Club Members Posts: 5

    210 with a .8 nozzle volumetric max at 12 mm3/sec gives decent layer adhesion and a nice print 235 will give you great layer adhesion and quite some stringing. Don't exceed 1/2 the nozzle width in layer height if you want good layer adhesion but that holds true for pretty much any material

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