120A ESC V2 Trackstar Turbo Transmitter calibration impossible

Pascal JamesPascal James Club Members Posts: 21

I just bought a second ESC trackstar 120A
The first one bought two years ago works perfectly
With the one I just received, impossible to do the calibration.
(For information the manual is not made for this drive because the first I have a different calibration ...).

To make the warranty work, I am asked to prove that operation is impossible. (how to do)
I am told that if the packaging was opened I can not be refunded 100% but 80%, or be entitled to an exchange
I ordered this ESC in Europe where it seems to me that the guarantee rules are differents ...

What is the best solution for having an ESC that works?
(very good product this Trackstar Turbo 120A)
If it is impossible to find a way out of this conflict, I will order from another seller

Sorry for very bad english (Google translation)


  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,620 ✭✭✭

    Raise a dispute with PayPal or your credit card company.

  • Pascal JamesPascal James Club Members Posts: 21
    edited July 2018

    I think that publishing a problem helps a lot to solve a conflict.

    A new ESC is already gone (very quickly ...)
    Thanks HobbyKing ...

  • Pascal JamesPascal James Club Members Posts: 21

    It's a joke!
    I received the replacing ESC
    Same problem!
    Calibration impossible
    Some friends of my RC club, try on their cars, with other motors and radios...same problem!
    I think it's a firware problem and a bad production
    a manufacturing defect that HK seeks to sell

  • RBTRBT Club Members Posts: 9

    Have you tried reversing channel 2 one your transmitter?? Also zero your trims, expos etc. and turn off ABS if you have it on your transmitter.

  • Pascal JamesPascal James Club Members Posts: 21

    Found! sensor plug is different on this serie usin plug under wires connectors it is ok.

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