Beast Series HobbyKing® ™ X-Car ESC 1: 8 Echelle 150A

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I have lot of problem with this controller.
1/ I use it on a Serpent 811 GTE. When I put full "gaz" the car don't acceler and do suspect noise.
I buy the HobbyKing® ™ X-Car Beast series LCD Program Card to tune the controler.
2/ I receved the LCD Program Card: i can read parameter of controler, but save don't Work , WHY !?!!???
3/ I want to try parameter with PC in USB, i seek on your website a software, I don't found, nothing.

I am very angry !!!!
Can't explain me how to use your equipment, where i can found software, firmware.
Or Do you think with Hobbywing programer i can use your controler ?

You wan more !
4/ On controler web page, in upload file section, you offer firmware , a think is it the firmware of LCD Program Card, LOL
5/ Again on controler web page, the Manuel offer is manuel distributer
6/ On progrmmer web page, in upload file section, the manuel offer is manuel of Hobbitwing distributer. your programer is not compatible her software.

I am stupid or not ?

Sorry for my poor english.

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