Is anyone familiar with this FrKy rx?

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I got this rx thinking it was sbus but its not. It came with no paperwork but packaging had a sticker saying It is pwm-ppm frsky Rx. Does anyone know how to set up for ppm? I'm new to the new tx and rx. When i was involved in hobby last 27mhz and 75mhz were what i used for my cars and truck. I have aquired the RC FPV flying addiction and learning this stuff as a 43yr old rural hermit is tough.

Will ppm support telemetry of any kind? Rssi?

I used jumper wire from signal wire on ch1 to ch3 and ran pos, neg and sig from ch4 to flight controller. I was able to get it to bind amd since i wad using an spracing f3 flight controller in a micro quadcopter i used betaflight to attemt to configure and set up. My channels under receiver tab in BF were mixed up and i couldn't get them worked out befote the flight controller failed and would no longer light up. Could this be from incorrect wiring?


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    Yes indeed. What you have there is an RX-F801 8CH PPM & PWM Compatible Receiver. It has no telemetry or rssi capability - unless flashed with alternative firmware.

    From what I see in your pics, the wiring looks fine, and should not have harmed the FC board. However, the ones I had also failed miserably when attempting to use them with betaflight and they went in the bin.

    What transmitter are you using by the way?

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