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Lost package (un-registered) - is there a "buyer protection"?


I've been a HK customer for several years now. Ordered many (many) packages. All arrived well. Until recently, when I ordered a package from EU warehouse, un-registered ($16 package value), and it hasn't arrived for 3 months. Checked with my local post-office several times. Nothing.

Called HK live support today. Very very polite person, who explained that there is practically nothing they can do, because it's un-registered. I tried asking several times - is there a buyer protection, maybe through Paypal? No answer, and implied conclusion that HK is taking no responsibility on lost packages.

When I asked again about Paypal buyer protection, the answer was "I don't know. You need to ask Paypal". This looks very very strange to me.

Is anyone familiar with such a case? Am I protected in any way?



  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,367 ✭✭✭

    Paypal will deal with it. Raise an Item Not Received claim.

  • jhs_helijhs_heli Club Members Posts: 6

    Even registered mail will not help!

    Last year I got a message that the Hobbyking parcel was delivered to the local post office but they did not find it there. I started a discussion with Hobbyking which lasted more than three months. I even provided the documents from the local shipping company that stated clearly that the parcel was lost. The only task Hobbyking would have to do was to contact the shipping company to get a refund and forward this refund to me (Hobbyking is the business partner of the shipping company and therefore only Hobbyking can apply for a refund from them). Hobbyking did nothing!

    After a year I wanted to give them another chance and ordered four cheap servos, the HKS-9650 and three HK-26G. The HKS-9650 had broken gears. One HK-26G had an electrical short between the controller PCB and the motor and one HK-26G had some metal shavings in the gearbox.

    I was Hobbyking customer for more than ten years now, but I am rather pissed off by the service and the bad quality they deliver these days.

  • francesco mercuriofrancesco mercurio Club Members Posts: 1

    io sto aspettando un pacchetto dal 29/08 ma ancora nulla. Si sarà smarrito?

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