what kind of plug is this?

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And where can I get one? Saw some that look similar on your site….
So here's what I have. Bought a solar fountain for my birdbath. Well some gangster rodent chewed through the wire.
Solar panel you poke into the ground, then a thin wire leading up to the pump and between the two is a male-female connector. Who ever chewed through got it RIGHT at the base of the plug. Not enough wire there to splice.

I took a photo of the plug bit, not sure that will help. The paperwork that came with this thing does not even include a company name BUT DOES include some electronic specks. Hoping someone here knows what to look for at least.

Solar panel 10V/5W
Pump input DC 4.5-12V
There's also an led light some numbers I don't understand, but I doubt that takes much power at all.

(Hope that photo shows up???)

Anyone have a clue what to replace this with? OR if I even need to? I could just cut off the other end and splice the wires directly together. But I'm not sure if this plug does anything to the current or not.

Thanks in advance.



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