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Turnigy DLUX 80A esc with SBEC

nivleknivlek Club Members Posts: 8

I have purchased one of these , but have a couple of questions . The first one relates to the SBEC output voltage . On initial boot up , the SBEC outputs 6V but after a couple of seconds switches up to 7.4V . I want to use it at 6v , but can't figure out how to set it , there is nothing in the instructions that refer to setting the voltage . Secondly it is supposedly programable by card/box , but doesn't work with my Turnigy DLUX programming box . Is there maybe a MK2 programming box ?


  • nivleknivlek Club Members Posts: 8

    Sorry ,should have said it is a MK2 HV esc .

  • lud95lud95 Club Members Posts: 14 ✭✭

    up, someone have solution ?

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