Antenna Fades on ORX RX720X V2 Receivers using DSMX Modulation

William HoenstineWilliam Hoenstine Club Members Posts: 1

I would like to know if any of you who are operating this receiver are seeing high A & B antenna fade numbers shown in the "Flight Log" section of your transmitter digital display? I'm using a Spektrum DX7 (latest version) with my two new HobbyKing RX720X V2 receivers and they both show extremely high antenna errors on A & B, each number is in the high 2,000's on both during a 10 minute test. Those numbers are a BIG concern to me since none of my Telemetry Spektrum Receivers do that at all. In a 10 minute flight I might see 25 to 50 antenna A or B errors but nothing like what I'm seeing on these ORX RX720X receivers!

If you have this receiver an can check to see if you're experiencing the same condition while finding the receiver performing well in flight, that will satisfy me. I'm afraid to use the RX620X receiver until I find someone else having the same issues without any in-flight problems.



  • William HoenstineWilliam Hoenstine Club Members Posts: 1

    The two receivers listed above that I purchased a few months ago are now being pressed into service but I've found something disturbing about them both. I'm binding them to a Spektrum DX7 (gen 2) DSMX/DSM2 Transmitter. After a successful BIND, I open the telemetry pages and go to the "Flight Log" page where I see some disturbing numbers counting up equally net to fields A & B. In ten minutes I see the numbers next to both go as high as 2,000. I also get a few Fades but not more than 3. I relocated the antenna positions but that made no difference. So, here's my question - is anyone else operating these receivers and seeing similar numbers? Are you flying these receivers successfully?

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