Tundra warranty experience

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I've been flying RC since 1995, electrics since 2014 so I'm not a newbie posting a rant. I got my Tundra in and was impressed by all the use of carbon fiber in the wings. After minor trimming, it flies on rails, EXCEPT for the rudder trim. I was focused on aileron trim when in fact it was rudder trim. Trim the rudder FIRST then the ailerons. I'm not sure, but increasing the right thrust angle might lessen the need for so much rudder trim.

Now for the issues, while installing the landing gear, I noticed that Durafly gave me two left side gear struts. I filed a claim and I received a new gear set three days later. After four perfect flights, I noticed a chatter from the motor; thinking it was a lose motor mount, I tightened the mount screws. With the next flight I still had chatter so I checked the motor and noticed a loose prop shaft meaning the bearing were at issue. Now for the HK issue; I couldn't submit another issue by internet. After chatting with a tier 1 support agent for what seemed like an eternity I was transferred to a warranty agent. After describing the issue, the agent asked that I video the issue for confirmation which I did. Now it's time to upload a 5.1meg video to a site that only allows 5meg uploads. After uploading it to YouTube, I called back to continue and that's where it gets good. I immediately asked to be transferred to a warranty specialist, but instead was forced to play twenty questions with the low level agent for fifteen minuets. I finally got forceful with the agent who attempted to connect me, only to find all agents were busy. I called back the next day and didn't allow the agent to command the conversation and was transferred. After a few minuets of discussion, the warranty agent completed the warranty request and I was moving forward again.

1. bring back phone contact
2. stop trying to get level 1 customer service agents to solve all issues, if I say transfer me, then do it.
3. as a distributor, HK has more power to effect change, tell Dynaflight to get their act together.


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