TGY-i6 for sail control

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This was posted in the product page for the TGY-i6 transmitter:
"...sail control - full down is full in- close hauled, and full up is full out for a downwind run.
Here is my problem - at full down, I want to use the trim to ease the sails a small amount,, however at full down, the trim does not move the servo.
So I tried this on the other four main channels and the same thing - the trim does not move the servo at the travel limits - I have to move the stick away from the end points a bot before the trim works."

For some reason I can't post in product discussions, always get an error message, tried HK Help. reset, cookies, new browser, whatever, to no avail. So here's my take on John's problem:
Maybe messing with Ch3 End Points and setting these to say, 110% allows trim a range of values to play with, even when the stick is in full down position.
Hope this helps.


  • __rgb__rgb Club Members Posts: 4

    The standard i6S does not have a typical trim function. I don't recall if the software update does and I don't have my unit with me so I can't test this. But if you use the throttle channel for sail control why don't you just bump up the throttle a click or two to control the sail. You don't need trim. That is just complicating things. I've done it this way for years. Trim is useful on an airplane for getting pitch, roll and yaw set for straight and level flight then left alone.

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