H-King "Desert Fox" 1/10 4WD 3S compatibility

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Hi Nick,
could you give me advice? I would like to run this car on 3S batteries. Do I need to change the stock ESC and/or motor? If yes, can you suggest new ones please?
It says in the item description "Must use larger final drive ratio when using 3S Lipo battery." can you suggest correct parts from Hobbyking?
Also, do you know if there are any body shells (Preferably short course truck.) that fit this car chassis?
Thank you.


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    The current Desert Fox is fully compatible with 3S, in fact if you look at the latest footage it was all shot using 3S batteries. If you are referring to the old model that did not come with the HobbyWing ESC/Motor combo, then I would suggest swapping it for the 75A turbo ESC and something like the Turnigy XK3650-3650KV Brushless Inrunner be warned though, this will be blistering fast on 3S so you would need to upgrade your tyres to something witha bit more grip or you will just be doing burn outs.

    As for the body, it isn't really designed to take a truck body but if you are creative you may be able to get a SCT body to fit, but it will never be a perfect fit.

  • Mr.NiceMr.Nice Club Members Posts: 30

    Thank you for your quick reply. I am referring to the new version (SKU:9382000225-0). I was asking because in the product description it reads the following.
    ESC is 3S capable when using 13.5t motors or higher, when using 3S in this model with the stock gearing do not run consistently at full throttle for more than a minute at a time to avoid overheating, if you wish to run it constantly at full throttle on 3S we suggest reducing the pinion size to increase the final drive ratio."

    So do I need new pinion gear?
    I want to order all the necessary parts in one shipment from EU warehouse if possible. I already have a HK-GT3 TX/RX combo, so I don't need radios.

    If you can recommend me the biggest 3S battery backs possible that fit the car, it would be very much appreciated. Also, are the hard case packs recommended? If yes, why? I have some experience with fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. I have bunch of 3S li-po's that I use with them, but they are all soft packs. I have not had any issues with them in crashes, so how much savage the car crashes can be?

    I have two friends who have also bought this car, and they have bought 2S backs, so of course I need to have faster car than them. LOL. One would imagine that when you are at your 40-ties, you would not resort to such petty competition...

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    This is what we used for the video: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/zippy-5000mah-3s1p-30c-hardcase-pack.html

    We didn't have any overheating issues, but then we were stopping quite regularly between shots so we didn't need to reduce the pinion size, but if you are going to be racing your friends then I suggest you change to a 10T or 12T pinion and see how you go. You can test the temp with a temp gun if you want, but I usually use the touch test, if you can keep your fingers on the motor for longer than a 10 seconds then it should be fine, but if you want to be more accurate you don't want the motor getting beyond about 70 degrees celsius

    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you for your responses and help. Sorry to take so long to reply. I have been too busy enjoying my Desert Fox! I really love this car. It's now even better with the sway bars. Way fewer roll-overs.
    I have not had any overheat issues until now. It's exceptionally hot in Finland right now (+30° C) and I have been driving it hard on a grass track for the first time and it just stops after about 10 minutes. Max temp I measured with FLUKE temp gun from the ESC was 75° C and from the motor 65° C, so I probably should use smaller pinion.

    The thing that this car really needs is some enclosure for the spur gear and clutch. Stones get between the gear way too easily, even with the stock body and usually the clutch dies a smoking death. We had these issues several times in one day, before I designed an enclosure for the clutch and gears. I have not broken one clutch or spur gear since.

    Oh, and I bent the front CVD's just by doing donuts. They really should be sturdier for 3S. I am going to harden them when I get a spare pair from somewhere.

    I bought these batteries ZIPPY Compact 4500mAh 3s 40c Lipo Pack and designed a case with snap fit lid for them that fits the original battery case mount and uses the original fasteners.
    I think the original battery tray whit out the original body, leaves the battery too exposed for gravel etc. flying of the front left wheel.

    I also designed my own body mounts, so I can fit SCT body on the car. IMHO think it came out nice, although it is still work in progress, at least for the front body mount and the rear bumper.

    Here are couple of pictures of the dirty girl.

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    That sure is a pretty dirty gal.
    You've got me rethinking my 4x4 rig. Was going to get a trooper. But I think this is better value. And commonality of spares with other models is a huge bonus.

    What did you utilise for the antisway bar?

  • Mr.NiceMr.Nice Club Members Posts: 30

    What did you utilise for the antisway bar?

    At the time of pictures I did have none, bought ones from hobbyking when they still had them in stock in EU warehouse. Take a guess do they still have them in stock?
    Even tough I do love my desert fox, I can't recommend it to anybody anymore, because Hobbyking is such an ars e nowadays. They don't have any spares in stock in EU or in Hong Kong for that matter and even if they get any to the Hong Kong warehouse the shipping is so ridiculous to Finland that I rather shoot my self than pay them. €46 for one 1/10 lexan body!!!!

    Also, the car has some quality issues, that would not be so bad IF one could get spare parts for reasonable prices and shipping, but you can't! The front CVD's are softer than a babies butt. They go bananas even on 2s li-po. Also, my dogbone cups for the rear wheels are almost totaled and I have not driven it more than 10-15 batteries.
    Again this would not be huge issue, if spares could be sourced easily and cheaply, but no, not from Hobbyking. Instead, they just give a huge middle finger to their loyal customers, well there is a limit for customer loyalty, you know.

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