Water cooling system

Hello hi how are you, I have 2 cycle 26cc rc boat, but the cooling system is jammed I believe, due to running after long time. Please guide me what should I do... . Or how do I clean that. do you have any other video for that etc, thanks anyways.



  • Bob StilesBob Stiles Club Members Posts: 2

    I have run Zenoah engines for many years and hope I can help you.
    Remove the water cooling tubes from the cylinder head and blow through them to see if they are blocked.
    If the tubes are blocked - replace them as suitable water cooling tubing is inexpensive to buy and not worth wasting too much time on. New tubing will also be clean and easy to see through to check your water flow when everything is back together again so it is worth doing.
    Now check the boats water outlet and water pick-up (inlet). If they are blocked it should be easy to clean them out, or replace them.
    Fix some new clean water cooling tube back onto the motors cylinder head and try to blow through it. If you can blow through it, connect everything back up and you are ready to go.
    If you cannot blow through it then the water cooling jacket is blocked and needs to be removed from the engine and cleaned or replaced.
    Once everything is clean and you can freely blow though all the tubes you can be certain that your cooling system is clear and has no blockages.

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