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Drive Parts for Quick 540 Outboard

Larry CottrillLarry Cottrill Club Members Posts: 6


Apologies - I posted this a while back in the Boats topic forum, but have gotten no responses, so I've decided to hit you with it:

I don't know how to find a Thrust Bearing equivalent to the original on the Quick 540 outboard. Also, while I think about any 4mm Drive Dog could be used, what would be the same as the original?

I had a flexible shaft break at full speed and lost the prop, nut, drive dog, washer and main bearing (besides the bottom half of the shaft, of course) . I'm sure what happens is that, at high speed, there is sudden heavy drag on the prop that pulls it aft, extracting the partial shaft and everything attached.


  • Hobby_QweenHobby_Qween Club Members Posts: 76 mod

    Hi Larry

    I have passed this query onto the supplier of the outboard as they will be able to provide the most accurate info.
    Will let you know their response as soon as I hear back :)

  • Larry CottrillLarry Cottrill Club Members Posts: 6

    Thanks much, I appreciate that. The bearing is an unusual item, as it has a flange that encircles the thrust region of the plastic shell, securing the two halves together. Logical design idea, but it makes it a very odd part as bearings go.

  • Hobby_QweenHobby_Qween Club Members Posts: 76 mod

    Hi Larry

    The drive shaft is unique to this product and unfortunately there doesnt appear to be anything similar on our website.

    The size of the thrust bearing you need is: 8×4×2 mm (8mm outer diameter, 4mm inner diameter, 2mm height)

    Hope this helps!

  • Larry CottrillLarry Cottrill Club Members Posts: 6

    Thanks. I figured a 4mm ID x 8mm OD would be about right. But, I still stipulate that the original bearing had an overhanging flange that fits around the outside of the two halves of the plastic shell. Am I just crazy in thinking I remember this?

    You have carried these flexible shafts, I've ordered a couple of them before (listed as 'Quick 540 Marine Outboard Unit Replacement Drive Shaft, SKU 243000017-0, currently Out Of Stock). These are Beili Models OEM parts and thus fit the motor perfectly. Before I insert the shaft, I smear it with automotive High Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease, which seems to hold up well for several 20 minute runs.

    I have visited the Beili Models website (US English version) a couple of times, and have never been able to find any Replacement Parts page - I wonder what the magic is to get there. Ha.

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