Broken 2 Part Wing Spare - Bixler2

Brian CattBrian Catt Club Members Posts: 2

I still struggle to get my RC aircraft to fly beyond short crash avoidances, some successful, other less so, in spite of my son buying me a slower and more controllable, allegedly, Bixler2.

As a result I now need a new wing, one part of which which has failed on each wing at the overlapping joins inside the fuselage after one "landing" too many.. I can't see any spare wings, except the single piece wing - for an earlier version Bixler2, I assume, I also can't get one of the the screws out of the wing that is still being retained, so removing the old wing is also a problem, any ideas?

Why such a tiny head on a deep recess, which makes it hard to locate and it also can't take the torque the screw requires to insert and remove?. Thewhole jointing idea also seems a pointless problem, as the whole arrangement is far too weak, fragile and fiddly to access to take apart once assembled, or assemble in the field. W

Final thought. Will the one piece Bixler2 wing fit the newer design fuselage and do a better more robust job - I assume it has a carbon fibre strenthening rod just the same?



  • Brian CattBrian Catt Club Members Posts: 2

    Seems like the tging I thought was a wing was a tailplane, they call it horizontal surface so it could be either. So... will the old Bixler2 wing fit the new Bixler2 fuselage?

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